John Lennon's Sunroom was decorated with various pictures, caricatures and stickers, such as the one from the Safe as Milk debut album (1967) by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, and one advertising the Monterey Pop Festival. The shelves of the sunroom were filled with articles such as a large ornate cross, a Mickey Mouse doll and a mortar and pestle, reportedly used by Lennon to mix various combinations of cocaine, amphetamine, barbituates and LSD. There was also a bergere rattan sofa upon which Lennon would spend much of his time...

John Lennon's Sunroom

Guitar Jam: "Cry Baby Cry" Tapes (February 1967)

Sunroom in 1980s, 1993 & 2006

Kenwood: 1993

The Sunroom was restructed and made solid by 1993 with the addition of a tile overhang, the sliding doors remain. The sunroom was completely refurbished in 2005, making way for five seperate glazed windows.

Kenwood: 2006