John Lennon's Sunroom was decorated with various pictures, caricatures and stickers, such as the one from the Safe as Milk debut album (1967) by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, and one advertising the Monterey Pop Festival. The shelves of the sunroom were filled with articles such as a large ornate cross, a Mickey Mouse doll and a mortar and pestle, reportedly used by Lennon to mix various combinations of cocaine, amphetamine, barbituates and LSD. There was also a bergere rattan sofa upon which Lennon would spend much of his time...

John Lennon's Sunroom

Guitar Jam: "Cry Baby Cry" Tapes (February 1967)

Kenwood Tapes

Recordings that John made at his first home, Kenwood. This was the home he bought in 1964 on the advice of his accountant. This was also the home that he shared with Julian and Cynthia until John ceded ownership of it in his divorce with Cynthia. Recording dates are in parenthesis.

The General Erection (June 18th, 1965)
He Said, He Said (April/May 1966)
He Said, He Said (April/May 1966)
She Said, She Said (April/May 1966)
Good Morning (January 1967)
Across the Universe (1967)
She's Walking Past My Door, You Know My Name (March 1968)

You Can Talk To Me (unknown recording date) -- This song is more familiarly known as Hey Bulldog!.

Cry Baby Cry, Across the Universe (Late 1967)

Julia (May 1968)
Julia (May 1968) -- This take is identical to the previous take, but without the rewinding.
Julia (May 1968) -- This is an instrumental
Interview about Two Virgins -- A brief radio interview given to John Peel on December 9th, 1968. In almost exactly 12 years, John would be dead.

Two Virgins outtakes (May 1968)

She's Not A Girl Who Misses Much (Unknown date) -- This song is better known as Happiness is a Warm Gun

Weybridge tapes and inviting Yoko -- An interview with Rolling Stone from 1971.

Look At Me (October 1970