John Lennon's Sunroom was decorated with various pictures, caricatures and stickers, such as the one from the Safe as Milk debut album (1967) by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, and one advertising the Monterey Pop Festival. The shelves of the sunroom were filled with articles such as a large ornate cross, a Mickey Mouse doll and a mortar and pestle, reportedly used by Lennon to mix various combinations of cocaine, amphetamine, barbituates and LSD. There was also a bergere rattan sofa upon which Lennon would spend much of his time...

John Lennon's Sunroom

Guitar Jam: "Cry Baby Cry" Tapes (February 1967)

The Sunroom

Julian Lennon in The Sunroom

Kenneth Partridge, an Interior Designer who had decorated Brian Epstein’s London flat, was asked by John Lennon to design the interior at Kenwood. Cynthia Lennon said “We liked some of the lavish designs, but they weren’t what we’d have chosen, let to ourselves. The results in one room almost gave John apoplexy: when he came home to find the Sunroom, a bright room with lots of windows, swathed in dark green material, like a bizarre wedding marquee, he was furious. He tore it down then and there”.